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One of the mightiest cover versions of all time – “Light My Fire”, sung by Shirley Bassey

13 July 2009

I was digging through my old record collection and found this:  In my opinion, one of the boldest, brassiest cover versions of all time.

“Light My Fire”, music and lyrics by Robbie Krieger of The Doors, except here it’s sung by Shirley Bassey.  Now we all know The Doors’ version. But this… But THIS

There’s really only one word for it.

It’s HUGE.

This song defines ‘Huge’.  Dictionaries the world over should be updated.

Listen to it at the YouTube link below…

It’s supremely funky, sung by one of the most powerful pop voices of the 20th Century (Shirley Bassey – “Big Spender”, “Goldfinger”), and the orchestral backing is so hipply dramatic as to be hilarious. I also like the stylish use of Seaweed on the front cover of the album.


It’s just so…


So 1970.

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