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Justin Sheedy Radio Interview re “Goodbye Crackernight” – 2CCRfm Tuesday 12 Jan 9-12pm

8 January 2010

A Media Release from 2CCR-FM.

Novelist Justin Sheedy will discuss his new book “Goodbye Crackernight” on the Australian Spectrum Show – Tuesday 12 January, 2CCR-FM 90.5, 9pm-12pm.

The Australian Spectrum Show on Tuesday 12 January will feature as a studio guest a local author, Justin Sheedy, and his latest book about growing up in the Sydney suburbs in the 1970s with a play list from 70s and 80s Australian contemporary music. The book creates a flood of flashbacks to the way life was then for young people – scooters and bikes, outdoor play in the neighbourhood, the celebration of cracker night and adventures in the wilds of the suburbs. A time of freedom and discovery. The writing style is very illustrative of the experiences of the times. A great read for anyone and just about everyone will relate to it.
The show broadcasts on 2CCRfm 90.5 from 9 pm to 12 pm – this Tuesday coming.

Should be a rockin’ noight, viewers.

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  1. 13 January 2010 1:58 am

    And a rocking good night it was!

    Presenter, Ross Fear, is a truly excellent guy – the show went for 3 hours and it was so enjoyable that it went in a flash. Ross is a gifted interviewer, he really got the whole vibe of the book and it was thoroughly enjoyable talking with him about it.

    Ross has an amazing knowledge of Oz Rock history – He would: He helped make it. I had no idea I’d be doing an interview with the guy who gave AC-DC one of their first gigs, amongst many, many other things. It turns out that, as an organiser of rock concerts in 1970s Sydney, he knew, hung out with and supported the careers of a rogues gallery of Australian rock and pop personalities.

    Once classic anecdote he regailed me with was basically this: From the wings of a concert stage, he had to desperately encourage the support act to extend their set (for extra money) as the headlining act were late. Hadn’t even arrived yet. Bon Scott and Angus Young saunter in. “Sorry, mister,” they offer. “Our bus broke down.”

    On the night, the stage platform was unusually low. This meant that the bikies up front were obscuring the kids’ view of a rather diminutive Scott and Young brothers rocking out…

    Angus Young realised this and proceeded to play the rest of the gig standing atop his Marshall amp stack.

    Angus Young. A man of the People.

    Once again, thanks to Ross Fear of 2CCR FM’s Australian Spectrum Show.

    He even gave me a lift home after 12am.

    The whole way across Sydney. And he had to drive all the way back!

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