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“Goodbye Crackernight” Restocked at Abbey’s Books

2 February 2010

Abbeys Books


A superb afternoon yesterday at the Book Lovers’ Book Club inaugural event at Enmore’s Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, where I was privileged to talk on my book, Goodbye Crackernight.  Some fun readings, great crowd chat on the story and the era it portrays, a lovely turn-out and plenty of copies sold, in fact, all I brought, with a few people left without.  Grown Men Weeping,  Women fainting, what more could I have hoped for?  😉

Was on the phone today on an unrelated matter to the excellent Abbey’s Books, Townhall, Sydney, and discovered that they still have a few copies on their shelves.  Original article on Abbey’s Books below… From last year!  They’ve been supporting Goodbye Crackernight all this time, bless their Cotton Socks.

Book Club Turn-Out Sun 17 April 2010

Hi, All.  To date it’s been my privilege that Goodbye Crackernight has been available at Abbey’s Books.  Located at York Street, Sydney, just near Town Hall Station, it’s an iconic bookstore, and I never expected they’d stock it.  I certainly never expected the copies they ordered would sell out, but – knock me down with a feather – they did.  But now – flock me clown nith a weather – they’ve re-ordered the title from the Distributors.  And Goodbye Crackernight is back on Abbey’s shelves. All copies signed.  (Woo-hoo, you say…  No?  Oh well, too bad…)

Thanks to all at Abbey’s, especially to Greg Waldron, their non-fiction book-buyer, for making my first book’s chances of success something more than a nice little Fiction.

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