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More Good Reader Reviews of “Nor the Years Condemn” by Justin Sheedy – Now from Sweden!

26 March 2012

I am delighted to have just received another good review for my new historical fiction, Nor the Years Condemn, this time from Andrew Landström of Sweden.  Andrew writes… 

“I really think it was good… I think a lot of social aspects go missing in a lot of novels about war… like family, love and the main characters’ own feelings… Some authors seem not to be able to get the balance right. I think you did… I laughed out loud in some parts of the book as well as being moved almost to tears. In short your book gives a very living picture of what went on behind ‘the stiff upper lips…'”

My huge thanks to Andrew Landström
–Justin Sheedy.

Nor the Years Condemn – set for Gloucester Writers’ Festival 2012, now available as a Print-on-Demand Paperback at AMAZON, plus as an Ebook at SMASHWORDS in all ebook formats plus at all major ebook websites. And now at DYMOCKS Bookstores, Australia.

See all Reviews of Nor the Years Condemn HERE.

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