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Bookstore Event for “Nor the Years Condemn” by Justin Sheedy a Resounding Success at Dymocks North Sydney

26 August 2012

I had SUCH a good day this last Friday 24 August at the in-store event for my book “Nor the Years Condemn” at Dymocks North Sydney. I led up to & began the day with great trepidation as to whether my book would sell in quantities sufficient to impress the store’s management. IT SOLD LIKE HOTCAKES. (For overseas readers, Dymocks is the leading chain of bookstores in Australia.)

Store manager Sandra Wigzell was a gem, and her staff were a brilliant support. The North Sydney public were even better: Just for example, local IT developer, Chris, who bought a copy early in the day, sent his co-workers down to get their copy too and passed by a few times during the day shouting out “This is an excellent book, people, pick up a copy!” One delightful young lady executive picked up a copy and came back about twice more to pick up more for her colleagues, the day ending at 5:30 with another young woman standing with me helping me spruik to people on their way home.

It was also hugely nice to be visited during the day by my old friends, Alison and Steve Guthrie, Matthew Green, Martin Reyerink and David Chisholm – who took me for a celebratory beer at the end. Dymocks North Sydney have invited me back for Christmas week and manager Sandra will be recommending me to Dymocks Macquarie Centre for a similar event.

So, in the lead-up to Fathers’ Day, please do keep in mind that my book “Nor the Years Condemn” is now stocked by Dymocks North Sydney, still at Dymocks George St Sydney, now at Dymocks Chatswood and at Dymocks Macquarie Centre. Massive thanks to Collette McGrath for setting up the radio interview on Northside FM last Thursday to publicise the event.

For Reader Reviews of “Nor the Years Condemn”, click HERE.

The book is orderable from anywhere in the world at the above Dymocks links, also from AMAZON.

Justin Sheedy, August 2012.

NOR THE YEARS CONDEMN – An Historical Fiction based on 10 years’ research of a true story so exciting, so tragic, in a word, so dramatic, as to defy belief. And yet it’s True…

At the beginning of World War II, Britain was in the deepest trouble imaginable. 5 minutes flying time away crouched a monster. Alone against it, Britain called out to her Empire. For pilots. From all corners of that Empire, they volunteered. Only the best & brightest were chosen. Australian Daniel Quinn was one of these young men who came to fly against the monster. They had a 1-in-3 chance of survival.

“Nor the Years Condemn” is based on the true story of the young Australians who flew Spitfires against the all-conquering might of Nazi Germany. In their late teens and early-20s, for the job at hand they had to be the ‘shining ones’, rendering the death of so many of them doubly heart-rending for the reader. Daniel Quinn, flanked by the often hilarious young men of his elite ilk, leaves his peacetime life behind to fight tyranny in this portrait of doomed, brilliant youth.

With in-the-cockpit flying sequences that readers have described as ‘cinematic’, “Nor the Years Condemn” is also a story of the mothers cursed to relinquish their wonderful sons to war, of first love, of strategic deception and betrayal, of brotherhood and once-in-a-lifetime friendship on a knife’s edge. It is a story of shining young men destined never to become old, and of those who do: the survivors ‘condemned by the years’, and to their memory of friends who remain forever young.

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  1. 27 August 2012 2:17 pm

    Sorry I missed such great event. I was planning to head over at lunch on Friday to get you to sign the copy I bought at Dymocks the week before… but prevented by meetings.

  2. 27 August 2012 9:42 pm

    My sincere thanks to you, Matt, for the very thought. Meetings. The Natural Enemy of The Productive. 🙂 And I’m just so privileged that you bought that copy of the book for an undisclosed father’s Fathers’ Day present. Hope he (who shall remain nameless) enjoys it and trust that he isn’t reading this.


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