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ONE FOR THE LADIES! “Ghosts of the Empire” by Justin Sheedy – Review by Denise Boneham

4 January 2014

Ghosts of the EmpireONCE MORE WITH FEELING

Review by Denise Boneham, United Kingdom

This book, ‘Ghosts of the Empire’, was eagerly awaited as Justin’s first book, ‘Nor the Years Condemn’, was an epic tale of war and love. I was not disappointed by his sequel. Justin is not just writing for a male audience; this one is good for the ladies too. Don’t just buy it for Fathers’ Day, buy it for Mothers’ Day too.

Nor the Years Condemn by Justin SheedyJustin set us up for a rollercoaster ride with his main character but his genius is bringing it to life with the many small (and not so small) cameo performances. I liked the reappearance of characters from ‘Nor the Years Condemn’ too. Again there was a polyglot of nations which was exactly how it was. I especially loved the inclusion of a Polish character which was just how many of them, from my serious reading, were! I am not going to spoil Justin’s great plot by giving you any clues but I will say that this is a darker tale especially in the greatly surprising ending.

I have just read the NZer Artie Ashworth’s biograghy and Justin could have picked bits from it except I know he hasn’t!! Thank you, Justin, for answering my plea and doing a Bomber Command based book even if it still features Fighter Command too. Coastal Command or Pacific next I wonder. I am agog with anticipation.

A Happy and very Lucky Author

Author Justin Sheedy

All in all this book (and its predecessor) rates wider worldwide recognition than it already gets. Nice one, Justin. Book 3 is on my wish list already…

Eminent thanks to reviewer Denise Boneham — Justin Sheedy

To purchase Justin’s books from Australian bookstores, click HERE. To purchase internationally, click HERE. For ALL Reviews of “Ghosts of the Empire”, click HERE.

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