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Christmas Book Signing for Justin Sheedy’s Latest: “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer”

1 December 2014

Justin-Sheedy-Dymocks-4Sydney author, Justin Sheedy, is delighted to see his fourth and latest book, “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer”, published in time for Christmas 2014.  “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer”, Sheedy’s 1980s rock & roll memoir of teenage under the threat of nuclear annihilation before he ever kissed a girl, is the long-awaited sequel to “Goodbye Crackernight”, his warmly-received comic memoir of childhood in 1970s Australia – when child’s proudest possession was not a smart phone but a 2nd-hand bike.  Sheedy will be signing copies of “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” at Dymocks Chatswood on the last Saturday shopping day before Christmas, Saturday 20 December all day from 10am.

MEMOIRS OF A GO-GO DANCER.  Justin Sheedy’s first job out of school was a symbol of his rebellion against the 1980s – a decade so lame it cried out for any other.  Crackernight, the annual fireworks festival of his childhood, was gone.  So was childhood.  Justin’s teenage would be a search for new fireworks.  He would find them.  In his legendary schoolteachers, in questioning his elders, in playing rock and roll, in marching against nuclear madness, and in that scariest of all things known to Man: GIRLS. And all that was before he became a Go-Go Dancer!  Then the fun really started…


Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer Back Cover SmallerINITIAL READER REVIEWS…

100% Unputdownable… Justin, I am loving it. I am with you on your journey. Your writing style is a perfect fit for me with the humour and pace. This speaks to me in the same way that ‘Crackernight’ did. 5 out of 5.” – Yasmine Wick Kopita, Austin, Texas. FULL AMAZON REVIEW HERE!

“What a great read. Felt like I had found an old diary in a dusty box at my parents place. Brought back all the awkwardness, anxiety and exuberance of youth!” – Andrew Tabacchi, Sydney.

So for a lovely Christmas present (even to yourself) come along and meet author Justin Sheedy (whose first job out of school really WAS as a go-go dancer) for a signed copy of his latest book! Dymocks Chatswood, Westfield Shopping Centre, Saturday 20 December all day from 10am.

Justin Sheedy Dymocks Literary Events Dec 2014

Reader Yasmine's copy on proud display

Reader Yasmine’s copy on proud display

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