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“Comedic Brilliance” – Another Rave Review of “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” by Justin Sheedy

1 March 2015


Review by Suzy Lee, Sydney, Australia

Reader Suzy Lee

Reader Suzy Lee

“Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” by Justin Sheedy is an autobiography written as a light-hearted yet intelligent account of the author’s adolescent years in the 1980s in Sydney, Australia. Sequel to Justin’s childhood story, “Goodbye Crackernight”, “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer” has something for the teenager in all of us! Justin writes with clarity and unique metaphor, providing the reader with moments of comedic brilliance. A sense of warm nostalgia is never far away.

Justin takes us on a candid and intimate journey through his education and his creative and exciting extracurricular endeavours, also his relationships with family, teachers, close friends and early romantic liaisons, always told with integrity, respect and sensitivity. Justin’s eloquent description of his beautiful and loving mother, for example, is heart-warming.

Suzy's copy of the book

Suzy’s copy of the book

Justin shares many wonderful anecdotes: from his role as a singer in Sydney bands, Go-Go dancing in Melbourne with beautiful girls, his hitch hiking adventures, roller skating as a means of transportation and presenting a radio program. All of this is set on a backdrop of iconic places distinctive to 1980s Australia such as “The Oxford Tavern”, Newtown, and “The Groove Tube Cafe” in Melbourne. The scene is set to the soundtrack of the likes of then Sydney band “The Psychotic Turnbuckles” and Justin’s own band, “The Voodoo Rockets”.

Back Cover

Back Cover

The tumultuous world of the teenage Justin involves many triumphs, disappointments, joy and the occasional heartbreak, with Justin always reflecting with intelligence and that marvellous wisdom of hindsight.

Growing up as a teenager in 1980s Sydney myself, I could relate easily to many aspects of Justin’s story and am happy to say that I loved reading this book. By the final chapter, I felt as though Justin and I were old friends. I recommend this book to anyone who is young at heart.

Heartfelt cheers to Suzy Lee, a most excellent lady – Justin Sheedy


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