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RAVE Media Coverage for “No Greater Love” by Justin Sheedy – WOMEN READERS HOOKED

21 September 2016


CENTRAL SYDNEY MAGAZINE – Wednesday 21 September 2016 – feature by Doug Conway

FALL IN LOVE WITH WAR STORIES: Sydney author’s passionate tale of tragedy and heartbreak has female readers turning the page.

WOMEN read more books than men but generally shy away from war stories – bad news if you’re an author whose historical fiction books are based on Aussies in World War II. But Glebe resident Justin Sheedy seems to have solved that problem with war stories that appeal to women, perhaps because they are really anti-war stories.

“Women are addicted to stories of violent deaths in forensic crime, serial killers, murder mysteries and even brain-eating zombies. But they don’t read war stories because they are violent,” the author of No Greater Love, a stand-alone book which is also the final part of a war trilogy, said. “To my delight I am able to get them on board. One female reader told me, ‘You made me cry in every chapter.’ To fall in love with the characters and then to lose them makes for the heartbreaking anti-war portrait I intended.”

His latest book is the saga of an Australian Spitfire pilot’s war journey through North Africa, Europe and England, his loyalty to his friends and his enduring love for the mother who abandoned him. The story, based on true events with characters modelled on real people, is a portrait of the wholesale waste of war, and sometimes even the humanity of his enemy.

“These young Aussies were the brightest of the brightest,” Sheedy said. “They had to be to fly a Spitfire. They volunteered to cross the world to fight the worst evil imaginable. How could you not want to write about that? This story is about the loss of young people cursed to do what they should never have to do – fight and finish old men’s wars. Why are we still doing it? Is it because we constantly need to be proving ourselves to the rest of the world? It’s an eternal question. Let’s keep addressing it.”

Sheedy’s passion is to write Australian narratives which tell “the story of us”. “I like holding up a mirror to Australians because we are still finding out who we are,” he said.

NO GREATER LOVE is available now in ebook & print-on-demand paperback format from Waterstones OnlineAmazon UK, via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and for Australian readers on Dymocks bookstore shelves and online, Gleebooks, Abbeys BooksReadings CarltonBerkelouw Books Leichhardt, and via all good bookstores. Also internationally available via The Book Depository with FREE SHIPPING.


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  1. 27 September 2016 8:52 pm

    Great article – really looking forward to reading the final book in the trilogy!

  2. 27 September 2016 8:57 pm

    Massive cheers, Matt. (Look forward to your thoughts on the story!) PS, another half-pager received in today’s Inner West Courier.

  3. 27 September 2016 8:59 pm

    Just added it above, Matt. At end of post.

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